Germany Edges Towards Marriage Equality


Time to plan your gay wedding at this year’s Oktoberfest in Berlin, or Munich or Hamburg or Cologne!  

Pending an expected final approval vote from the upper house of Germany’s Parliament, same-sex marriage will become the law of the land this fall in Germany.  

Angela Merkel, in anticipation of a tough election in September, cleared the way for a vote on the issue of marriage equality in Germany.  Civil unions have been legal since 2001, but the conservative coalitions had blocked a vote on gay marriage time and time again.  

Public opinion in Germany has been in favor of gay marriage for years and the majority of lawmakers (393) mirrored that sentiment by voting for the measure, trumping attempts by conservative voters (226) to block the measure.  

Although Merkel voted against the gay marriage measure, this risky move to allow a vote may help her in the upcoming general election, as Germans overwhelmingly support joining other western nations in embracing same-sex marriages and giving das boot to inequality.

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