For The Honor Of Grayskull: Netflix Reviving ‘She-Ra: Princess Of Power’

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A reboot of the campy animated classic She-Ra: Princess of Power is coming soon to Netflix. The new series will be a “modern take on the ‘80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans.”

Noelle Stevenson, the Eisner Award-winning, out lesbian writer and illustrator of the comic novels “Nimona” and “Lumberjanes,” will be the series’ showrunner, focusing on a message of  “female friendship and empowerment, led by a warrior princess tailor-made for today.”  

The original cartoon episodes, currently streaming on Netflix, first started airing in 1985. She-Ra was as a spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. She and He are twins. Or cousins, depending on who you ask. She-Ra is the powerful alter ego of Princess Adora, who fearlessly battles evil minions with her transforming Sword of Protection and loyal unicorn, Spirit/Swift Wind. Oh, yeah she also protects the Crystal Castle. 

Erika Scheimer, the lesbian daughter of Filmation founder Lou Scheimer, creator of He-Man and She-Ra, has said that her father was determined to have a strong female voice in his cartoon princess.  Scheimer proudly noted that her dad made the animation studio, “a kind of safe haven,” as “Filmation was one of the gayest places in town.”

A whole generation of Millennial queer kids felt the love in She-Ra’s girl power and her colorful sidekicks; Kowl the owl creature with rainbow-hued ears, and Bow, the dreamy ginger, somewhat femme warrior, with the Village People moustache.

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Sony confirmed earlier this year a new He-Man live action film would be released in 2019. One hopes that unlike the 1987 feature film, Masters of the Universe, starring former Grace Jones boy toy, muscle-god Dolph Lundgren, the Princess of Power will get her chance to kick ass alongside her super stud sibling, possibly joining hands as they come out of castle Grayskull in victorious pride!

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