LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom Comes Out As A Trans Woman


With a single Instagram post, Gavin Rayna Russom of LCD Soundsystem, has come out as a trans woman.

The decision was a long time coming for the 43-year-old synth and electronics wizard of the highly regarded band. It was only in the last year and a half that Russom began her transformative journey. As Russom explained, “It went from my trans identity being something I was in touch with and worked through in one way or another, to suddenly this shift where it’s on the front burner. Now it’s time to become a whole person.”  

After touring last year with James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem, Russom made the decision to take a few months off to begin her transition, including coming to terms with her own admitted transmisogyny, as well as issues of addiction, substance abuse and insomnia. Rossum’s journey also includes working on healing from the violence and transphobia she has suffered in the past.  

With the help of therapy and the support of a diverse and vibrant trans community in New York City, Russom has gotten to this pivotal moment on her journey and feels ready to, “share my experience [in a way] that’s true to the music,” This merging of music and her true self will come together when she performs as a trans woman for the first time on July 13 at Chicago’s Berlin Club for a one-night DJ set, before performing with LCD Soundsystem at this year’s Pitchfork’s Music Festival.

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