HRC Goes On The Offensive Against Trump And His Allies

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest gay advocacy organization in the US, is set to launch its largest grassroots movement ever to counter the rising assault on LGBTQ rights under the Trump administration.

With an investment of $26 million and a hefty increase in staff, the HRC has announced an aggressive plan to boost pro-LGBTQ candidates at all levels of government across the nation. The money comes from an unprecedented flood of contributions, averaging $10 per donation. These funds began pouring in as Trump began his assault on LGBTQ rights through his cabinet appointees, Supreme Court Justice pick Neil Gorsuch and a systematic chipping away at LGBTQ rights.

The LGBTQ voting bloc in America is estimated to number ten million, is historically progressive, and is largely credited with bringing victory to a Democrat in the recent North Carolina governor’s race that saw a trans bathroom debate become a leading issue in the election.

HRC President Chad Griffin stated that HRC is, “going on the offense with the largest grassroots expansion in HRC’s 37-year history.” This expansion, called HRC Rising, will target Senate and House seats across the country that are seen as either vulnerable to Republicans or threatening to Democrats in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. The plan is to replicate the North Carolina victory model by mobilizing the powerful and progressive LGBTQ voting bloc nationwide.

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