LEGO Ideas Project ‘RuPaul’s Brick Race’ Moves Forward


LEGO is a vast, ever-expanding empire that successfully reaches theme-park enthusiasts, blockbuster cinema, and creative living rooms where tiny, durable yet sharp plastic bricks can get stuck between an adult’s big fat toes—ouch! The company, however corporately successful, is a socially responsible one that promises positive impact, and has established dozens of education avenues for legions of LEGO fanatics old and young. For instance, there is an ongoing contest for LEGO nerds to conceive, build and submit a model for consideration as a LEGO Ideas Project that could possibly be developed as a LEGO product to be sold worldwide.

In April of this year, brainiac SeeMarkGeek put his LEGO creation to the metal by proposing RuPaul’s Brick Race, a LEGO Ideas Project “inspired by LOGO TV’s long-running RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Minifigs, start your engines and may the best woman win!” is the quip introducing the project’s description on its LEGO Ideas Project page. The model includes a backstage Workroom and Main Stage. The Workroom includes a TV monitor for “challenge announcements,” wig options, a tailoring form, sewing equipment, makeup, and a mirror for eliminated contestants to write their goodbyes in lipstick. The Main Stage is a game-show set, with name cards, stage lighting and a podium for RuPaul, “the host with the most.”

The proposed idea calls for eight Minifigs: RuPaul in three variations (leopard-print runway gown is one of them); Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie; Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy; Katya Zamolodchikova as Bjork; Alyssa Edwards as Katy Perry; and Milk as Julia Child of which the clever elaboration says, “What does this charming TV chef have on the boil? Will her performance be underdone?”

Once a LEGO Ideas Project is submitted to the contest, it needs to garner 10,000 supporters to qualify for an official review by the company’s decision making team. With a well-managed Twitter and Instagram presence for @RuPaulLEGO, SeeMarkGeek’s labor of love easily achieved the required support and the concept has qualified for the Review stage, in that a “LEGO Review Board” team examines and creates a prototype of the idea before hopefully giving it the green light for product development. If a project is chosen for a production run, that process takes several months. Therefore, if condragulations for SeeMarkGeek are in the cards, we might not get our RuPaul’s Brick Race package until at least 2019. Something to look forward to though!


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