Why, Sandy, Why? Sandra Bernhard Joins Trumper Roseanne’s Show Revival

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We’ve been planning to boycott ABC’s upcoming Roseanne revival due to Roseanne Barr’s continuing, problematic public support of Donald Trump, but now we’re just confused. TVLine just confirmed that Sandra Bernhard and Estelle Parsons will return to the show as openly lesbian friend Nancy, and Roseanne and Jackie’s late-in-life lesbian mom, respectively.

After a couple of years of Barr making queer people’s shit lists for her open support of Trump’s campaign and her disdain for intersectionality and “libtards,” Barr has seemed poised to make a show that caters solely to red state Trump supporters. She has even said that she “knew [Roseanne] would be back” after Trump was elected to the presidency in 2016. But now that the show will feature two lesbians and a “gender creative” kid, it seems like it might end up pissing off a lot of those folks. So… seriously, what the hell is going on with this show?

Also troubling, why is queer goddess Sandra Bernhard appearing on the show? She’s on record as HATING Trump. Last July, when Trump announced his ban on transgender people serving in the military, Bernhard launched into an expletive-laden denunciation of him which went viral. Among her many choice descriptions of Trump: “Fat, pumpkin-headed son-of-a-bitch.” And “Selfish, self-serving, narcissistic piece of shit. And fuck you.” So why is she lending legitimacy to this endeavor? After Trump was elected, Bernhard posted on Twitter, “if you voted for trump tell me because we’re done.”

Is Barr going to actually use her show as a platform to humanize LGBTQ folks in the eyes of her Trump-loving audience? Has her very public love of Donald Trump just been a cunning plan to engage Trumpies so that she can flip the script on them? Or is she going to turn Bernhard and Parsons’ characters into stereotypes and punchlines? OR is she just crazy and totally unclear on her plan for this show?

It’s entirely likely that Barr, who has spent much of the last few years saying nonsensical things on Twitter, then deleting them, then reposting them later, has totally lost sight of what her show is and should be. But it’s also entirely likely that the joke is on us “libtards.”

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