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Your Next Career: Food Pornographer


Do you post every single appetizer, entree, cocktail, dessert onto Instagram, annoying the f@&$ out of your friends? Imagine making a lucrative career by fetishizing foodstuffs – shooting and sharing every sticky, creamy, gooey, dripping, oozing, succulent morsel.

Screen Shot    at    AMJust out of college, 22-year-old Justin Schuble (right) has been hailed as “one of the most powerful” players in the Washington, DC food scene. His Instagram @DCFoodPorn has exploded in recent months. What started as a freshmen year obsession has turned into a full time profession. 

His mouthwatering pix and vid clips have garnered over 175,000 obsessed Insta-fans. He’s been courted by the city’ top restaurants, as well as major brands (Chobani yogurt, Voss water among them) to showcase their signature dishes and libations. Schuble’s skills don’t come cheap. He usually charges clients in the $1,000-$2,000 range. He’s on track to make over $75,000 this year.

Schuble is not alone. IG superstars are routinely paid handsomely to shoot and share the hottest restaurants and chicest hotels, whipping up social media frenzy for hungry and thirsty audiences.

As our obsession with recording and posting everything accelerates, how long before we bookmark food porn sites like xFoodster, FoodDorm or Dudes4Foods?

Scroll on down to see some of Justin’s food porn.

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