Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas Reunite For Almodovar’s Next Film

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Q: What’s better than an Almodovar movie starring Penelope Cruz or an Almodovar movie starring Antonio Banderas?

A: An Almodovar movie starring BOTH OF THEM.

For his next project, the Spanish legend will team up with his favorite two specimens of human perfection for a meditation on “first loves, second loves, mothers, mortality, the 60s, the 80s, and the present,” which is still somehow not the most ambitious thing he’s ever said.

The film, titled Dolor Y Gloria (Pain and Glory), which could be the name of a spinoff for Gloria and her sister on Modern Family, will focus on “a film director in his decline” who embarks on a series of meetings, “some physical and some remembered after decades.” More ominously, it will also explore “the emptiness, the immeasurable emptiness before the impossibility of continuing to make films.” I’m So Excited!, this is not.

Letting alone the fact that it sounds like Almodovar went on a vision quest after his last film, let’s just pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that a talented, successful director is about to get meta about his own career and life. It’s very likely that Pain and Glory could be Almodovar’s next real bid at the Oscar.

Oh, wait. There’s more to Almodovar’s description of the movie. (We thought he was, like, done.) Apparently, the movie will also talk about “creation, cinematographic and theatrical, and of the impossibility of separating creation from one’s life.” OK, y’all, this is getting into bonkers territory now, but we’re still loving it. Just as long as Pain and Glory doesn’t have dinosaurs in it, we’re down. The Tree of Life was hella boring.

The two actors have starred or made cameos in many of the acclaimed filmmakers’ movies. Cruz was so memorable as the nun with HIV in All About My Mother and luminous in one of her finest roles, Volver. Banderas appeared in many of Pedro’s earliest films, including Law of Desire, Women on the Verge, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! He returned to work with Almodovar years later in The Skin I Live In.

Pain and Glory will also star an actor named Asier Etxeandia  — and we can tell you on full authority after stalking him on Wikipedia that he is fine as hell.

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