Photographer Kate Bones’ Stunning Queens And Queers In 3-D


The Guardian just featured artist Kate Bones’ stunning 3D animated gifs of drag queens and queers attending the 2017 Glastonbury Festival’s NYC Downlow event. Bones was commissioned by art group Block9 to create the gifs for their famed music and art space at the southwestern English festival.

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As described by Sleek Magazine, “Queen La GIF-Ah,” the London-based Bones has parlayed her in-demand 3D-style gifs into campaigns for such big-name brands as Nike and Rimmel.  Using a “hacked” 1980’s 3D film camera to capture her images, Bones manipulates the images in Photoshop to create the hyper-realistic moving portraits, noting that, “I love the combination of analogue and digital. I’m not a purist.” The final 3D portrait gifs are on display on Bone’s website, making for a dynamic and alluringly decadent collection of striking images.  

London Gay GIF by KATE BONES - Find & Share on GIPHY

The queens and queers captured by Bones’ 80s 3D camera, had come to dance, play and werk at the popular NYC Downlow event at the Glastonbury Festival. Originally, the Downlow space was built as a film-set replica of 1970’s NYC’s Lower East Side tenements with an X-rated gay nightclub inside. This year, the event was transformed into an authentic reproduction of a seedy, early 80’s NYC meatpacking district warehouse. According to their website, “The NYC Downlow also features the cream of cutting-edge queer performance, a pansexual trans-army and motley crew of sexed-up go-go boy butchers, all set to a soundtrack provided by DJs from the international gay underground.”

London Gay GIF by KATE BONES - Find & Share on GIPHY

Block9 first introduced NYC Downlow to Glastonbury festival-goers ten years ago. Bones’ photo commission was included as part of their celebration of the beloved event.  i-D declared, “Everybody knows that NYC Downlow is the best bit of Glastonbury.”


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