Runaway ‘Bride’: Monster Mash Not Coming Soon


Universal Studio’s remake of the 1935 horror and camp classic The Bride of Frankenstein won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Scheduled for a Valentine’s Day 2019 release, the studio announced it has been pulled from the schedule so as to not to rush a project that, like this year’s The Mummy, is part of the studio’s vision of a Dark Universe (i.e., remaking their classic monster movies and then teaming them up for future films Avengers-style.)

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Unlike the critical and commercial dud The Mummy, where Tom Cruise stepped into pre-bloated Brendan Fraser’s shoes, this Bride has a richer dowry — gay Oscar-winning writer/director Bill Condon attached to direct, and Angelina Jolie and Javier Bardem attached to star. For film buffs and buff gays, this delay has got to be a Valentine’s Day massacre!

Let’s hope it’s only a delay and not being shelved. Oh, the horror! For who better to tell the tale of the manufactured mistress of mayhem than Maleficent herself, the Beauty and the Beast director, and Bardem, the mother! of all actors now permanently specializing in creepy, surreal villains (see No Country For Old Men, Skyfall).

Apparently the decision was mutually agreed upon by the studio and Condon himself, who didn’t want to do a rush job. (Guess he’s not “rushing” to make that Richard Pryor biopic with Eddie Murphy either.) The Condon connection is of particular note, as the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the James Whale biopic Gods and Monsters has already done his research on Whale, who directed the original Bride, a sequel considered to be superior to even the original Frankenstein.

Now with the long-delayed Cleopatra back on track (allegedly), Jolie could go straight from Egypt to Maleficent 2 and then Bride. But she better hurry: Condon’s friend and frequent leading actor Ian McKellen belongs in this movie somewhere, and Gandalf is not getting any younger.


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