AG/POS Jeff Sessions Is Obsessed With Dismantling Trans Rights


Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has been surprisingly active for a fossilized piece of shit. Most fossilized pieces of shit wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much done as Jeff Sessions has in the last nine months. In fact, Jeff Sessions has actually gotten more done in the last nine months than he has in his whole two thousand years on this planet. Namely, he has spent the last nine months slowly chipping away at trans people’s rights, queer people’s rights, and women’s rights. His most recent moves have been to formalize discrimination against trans people in the workplace and to encourage discrimination against queer people and women by religious groups.

Sessions made a formal statement Thursday declaring that a 1964 federal civil rights law does not protect trans people from discrimination in the workplace. This means that an openly trans person could be denied employment for being forthcoming about their gender identity, or a transitioning person could be fired for using a workplace bathroom that doesn’t match with their assigned gender at birth. Ultimately, Sessions’ statement was a cruel, unnecessary move that basically just appeased bigots and other fossilized pieces of shit like Sessions.

Why does Sessions hate trans people so much? Did he accidentally hire a trans prosty in Bangkok and become desperately embarrassed — so much so that he declared a lifelong vendetta against all trans people forever? However, if you’re starting to think that trans people have become the only major target for our despicable, pathetic, draconian administration, don’t worry: Sessions also deeply hates women. On Friday, he also released a formal guidance memo (instead of an informal guidance memo, or a Snapchat video) announcing that the government cannot “burden” people or businesses from practicing their faith, adding that, “The free exercise of religion includes the right to act or abstain from action in accordance with one’s religious beliefs.” This is essentially similar to the Mississippi religious freedom law which went into effect Friday: Individuals and businesses will now be protected by the government if they decide to refuse their services to queer people and women. This includes companies who might decide to stop covering contraception for employees.

When will this end? Like, we get it Sessions: You’ve just been sulking in your rocking chair all these years seething at the fact that queer and trans people are moderately well-adjusted and happy in today’s society. But you can stop now.


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