Russia Backed Social Media Ads Stoked ‘Cultural Tensions Among Voters’


So much shit is hitting the fan, and it is just barely a year since the old man with tiny orange hands won the Electoral College, the prize being a four-year stay with his current family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How Trump managed to get elected, despite the fact he lost the popular vote, was almost as much of a shock to him as it was to Democrat voters. Suffice it to say a lot of the voting public had been hoodwinked in 2016 by “sponsored” social media ad content, purchased for a song from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram, created and paid for by firms in cahoots to the Russian government, designed to influence the U.S. election. This Kremlin propaganda campaign is being investigated by both the Senate and House intelligence committees, and the latter this week released an eye-opening sampling of such ads as well as data indicating the Facebook content was seen by more than one-third of the U.S. population!

Get a load of some of the ads that sought to foment “cultural tensions among voters.”

LGBT United (hello, sounds fake) advertised on Facebook the “Buff Bernie: A coloring Book for Berniacs.” Hopping on the adult coloring book craze, the image puts the head of former Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate and current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on top of a poor tracing of a He-Man-style body, with all the rainbow colors filling in the picture.

Heart of Texas, another sponsored Facebook page, equates Obama, Hillary and “illegals” with rapists and drug dealers. Pictured are what seem to be Texas Rangers on horseback at “the border” with lightning flashing behind them. Classy. “Don’t Mess With TX Border Patrol,” the graphic says, because it’s “Always Guided By God.”

On Instagram, _american.made tried to procure followers with a parent and child bearing arms side by side. “This is the way our children have to be raised.” That message sure is one way to stir discontent.

Of course, what would a good ol’ propaganda campaign for Trump be without blaming “Killary” Clinton for killing veterans, like american.veterans did by sharing on Instagram a loaded image of a widow weeping over a flag-draped coffin.

Representatives for all the tech giants have been getting chewed out on Capitol Hill this week, though they claim their companies are hard at work to stop the Russian trolls. Curiously, the ads are continuing to infiltrate all the same social media platforms with attacks aimed at special counsel Robert Mueller and favorite target Hillary Clinton.


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