Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters Return For ‘AHS’ Season 8


Whether or not Season 8 of American Horror Story ends up being any good, it’ll at least have some good acting in it.

According to co-creator Ryan Murphy, original cast members Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters — as well as regular cast member Kathy Bates — are all set to return to the next season of AHS. We assume the actors agreed to this because: (a) They’ll have wacky, juicy characters to sink their teeth into before the plot goes off the rails in episode 2, and (b) Ryan Murphy owns them now.

As fans deduced last week, the new season will potentially be titled Radioactive — which could mean anything, but probably just that there’s something radioactive at some point.  

Murphy himself has said that the new season will be just as topical as Cult — which honestly isn’t great news, considering Cult’s social commentary was kind of ham-fisted, but whatever. He also betrayed some similarities to a certain President of the United States when he framed the news within the context of his own personal experiences, social importance, and success, rather than within the context of the country — er, show — itself:

“[Season 8 of American Horror Story] takes place in the future… It’s still topical, but [set in] the future, which I’ve never done,” he said at a Television Critics Association panel in January. Hmmm… sounds a bit like Black Mirror riffing to us.

Anyway, we’re just happy that Kathy Bates is returning to the show after her stint on the doomed Netflix pot comedy Disjointed — which was cancelled after only one season despite receiving just as many poor reviews as the male-skewing Netflix movie Bright, which just received a sequel order.

On the bright side, at least Netflix is cancelling some stuff, instead of just rolling out thousands upon thousands of films and TV shows and hoping that some of them stick — the exception, of course, being Netflix’s recently announced 1,000 year, 500 show deal with Ryan Murphy.

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