‘Sense8’ Finale Teaser Is Your Early Holiday Gift

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Sense8 fans nearly staged a revolution last summer when Netflix cancelled the show at the height of its critical praise and popularity. There was just something about the show’s queer and trans friendliness, and penchant for wild pansexual orgies, that made it appealing to folks on all segments of the gender/sexuality spectrum. And while everyone from die-hard fans to the porn site xHamster quickly offered to fund a third season of the show, Netflix eventually caved and greenlit a 2-hour finale special. Now, a new teaser promises the Sense8 finale will give fans “an end that will satisfy them.”

“The minute the decision was made, everything has been super speedy, incredibly high octane,” says star Freema Agyeman (Amanita) in the teaser. “Everything had to go, go, go.”

Sure enough, we catch glimpses of the sensates doing all sorts of high octane stuff in the teaser, including fighting, riding a merry-go-round, and doing the Wave.

But then all of the cast and crew hug and kiss at the end to remind us that they are ultimately human beings — an extended cluster, if you will — who love this show just as much as we do (and desperately need to find new acting gigs.)

“I’m glad that the universe conspired to realign what was off center,” says Toby Onwumere, who plays Capheus, about the show’s revival.

We still don’t know much about the actual content of the 2-hour finale, but we can guess that it will at least pick up where season 2 left off. At the very end of the finale, the sensates united in person for the first time and embarked on a final mission to destroy Whispers and the evil B.P.O. once and for all.

“You want a war?” asked Will, leaning in to Whispers. “We’ll give you a war.”

But Max Riemelt also says at one point that the finale will be “funnier than last season,” so it presumably won’t be all murder and revenge.

And to tide you over until the finale (which is planned for 2018), here are two videos of hot straight guys from the cast passionately making out with each other. That Will guy really gets around!


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