Boy George Hangs Up On ‘Gender Bender’ Questioning


Boy George shut down a radio host in a most awesome way. After a series of tone-deaf questions from Fran Kelly of Australia’s ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program, The Boy responded with a deafening click, dial tone, buh-bye.  The Culture Club singer was promoting his band’s upcoming tour and a stint as guest judge on…

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Lorde, Britney, Boy, Diplo And More Unite To End Anti-Queer Hate Crimes In Brazil


Celine Dion, Boy George, Britney Spears and Sporty Spice have all lent their faces to the fight for LGBTI+ equality in Brazil. In a video for his new single “Igual,” Brazilian pop star/thirst trap Yann has mixed shots of over 25 well-known artists with footage of LGBTI+ Brazilians citing worrisome statistics about LGBT hate crimes….

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Russian priest

Stop Shaving To Stay Straight, Claims Putin’s Priest Pal


Once upon a time a gay man’s beard helped keep him working in Hollywood. Those were the days when actors like Rock Hudson (and perhaps a few working today whose names we’ll kindly not mention) played the game and married willing ladies, like their agent’s lesbian secretary so moviegoers would continue to believe him as…

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