Lorde, Britney, Boy, Diplo And More Unite To End Anti-Queer Hate Crimes In Brazil


Celine Dion, Boy George, Britney Spears and Sporty Spice have all lent their faces to the fight for LGBTI+ equality in Brazil. In a video for his new single “Igual,” Brazilian pop star/thirst trap Yann has mixed shots of over 25 well-known artists with footage of LGBTI+ Brazilians citing worrisome statistics about LGBT hate crimes.

As Yann coos in Portuguese, “I wanna be able to kiss [him] without being afraid that I’ll lose his life (and mine too),” various LGBTI+ Brazilians display signs announcing that “42% of the world’s trans murders happen in Brazil” and “Every 25 hours, a Brazilian LGBT person is killed by a hate crime.” A later sign indicates that many of those murders involve suffocation or stoning.

As more pop stars continue to appear — hey, that’s Demi Lovato! and Lorde! and Diplo! and (less exciting) the Chainsmokers! —the video also reveals that 343 LGBTI+ people were killed by hate crimes in Brazil in 2016. And that’s only the hate crimes that were reported.

As a reward for sticking through the grim, depressing part of the video, Yann then engages in a steamy same-sex kiss before launching into a reprise of the chorus:

“If my love’s the same as yours.

If my love’s the same,

Why am I not free to love like you?”

While there are currently no laws criminalizing hate crimes in Brazil, Yann hopes that his video will encourage activists around the world to change that.

“Unfortunately, most of the world isn’t aware that Brazil is an incredibly dangerous place for the LGBTI+ community, ” he said in a statement. “Yet, all of this is disguised under our dichotomous liberal lifestyle.”

He added: “I hope that this song and the support of everyone involved will bring more visibility for us to continue to fight towards changing the real situation of what’s being done to our LGBTI+ community. The goal with all this international support is to raise global awareness to what’s happening here. These are also issues being faced by our community in most of the world.”


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