10 Reasons Why “The Lost Boys” Is THE Gayest Vampire Movie


By Sam Kalidi Ten years before putting nipples on the batsuit and suggesting a romantic relationship between Batman and Robin, Joel Schumacher directed a queer-coded vampire movie. The Lost Boys was planned by Richard Donner as a Goonies-inspired kid adventure but when Schumacher replaced Donner, he decided to make the characters older, sexier, and flamboyantly…

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Queen Elizabeth: Warren Campaigns At DragCon


Although a few of the prominent presidential candidates have pledged to appear at two upcoming LGBTQ-focused forums, Elizabeth Warren has channeled her longtime sincerity into bold, election-winning strategy. At RuPaul’s DragCon, self-dubbed the “world’s largest” drag convention, the Warren campaign set up a booth to court the vote. The display included a cardboard cutout of…

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India’s Supreme Court Rules Sexual Orientation Is Protected Right


Earlier this week, India’s Supreme Court made a historic declaration that a person’s sexual orientation is protected by India’s Right to Privacy law. Therefore, the country’s LGBTQ citizens are now free to openly express their sexual orientation. The decision reads: “Sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy,” the decision reads. “Discrimination against an individual…

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