Queer, Surreal ‘Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies’ Doc Streaming Free

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Social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the postponement of life-as-we-know-it. One of the many setbacks is the cancellation of gatherings, such as film festivals. But into this gloom and doom comes one piece of good news. A documentary exploring the life and legacy of Steven Arnold, the groundbreaking, yet under-recognized queer multi-media artist…

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Allure of ‘Afternooners’: Patrick Cowley Soundtrack Finally Released


On October 19, Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem Records will be releasing Afternooners, the final in a series of anthology albums preserving the brilliance of synthesizer music producer Patrick Cowley and his gay porn soundtrack work. Cowley was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1950. He ventured to San Francisco in 1971 where he founded…

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Sylvester Still Makes Us Feel Mighty Real


Seventy years ago today, a beautiful baby was born in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. The baby, named Sylvester James, Jr., would develop a love of singing in the gospel choir, although he’d become disillusioned with his church’s disapproval of homosexuality. In 1970 Sylvester moved to San Francisco and became a member of the…

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