‘Thor: Ragnarok’: The Queer Character That Never Happened

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Well, it happened. After 17 films and countless Captain/Bucky fan fictions, the Powers-That-Be at Marvel finally rolled out their first ever queer character — and it was nothing short of revolutionary. After a standard cold open of Tom Hiddleston eating out Idris Elba’s ass, Thor: Ragnarok spent no less than two hours following the tragic…

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Chris Hemsworth Wants Marriage Equality; We Want To Marry Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is a super hero on both the big screen and in real life. The photogenic Aussie-born action star who plays Thor in The Avengers franchise and spin-off films has used his Instagram account to encourage voters Down Under to vote in favor of same-sex marriage. Aussies must register to vote by August 24…

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Sydney’s Angels: Drag Queen Avengers Bash Homophobic Thugs

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Once upon a time there were three drag queens who performed at a gay bar in Australia. Their night ended and they went for a bite. They saw a gay man being bashed by straight, drunk assholes. They jumped in and kicked their asses. They are Sydney’s Angels. It was just after midnight in Darlinghurst,…

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Flashback Friday: When Idris Elba Played An Escort On ‘AbFab’

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We recently stumbled upon a verrrry young, already insanely handsome Idris Elba as a gigolo procured for Patsy on a particularly randy episode of Absolutely Fabulous from season 3, titled “Sex.” “Sex” is one of the best of episodes of the always outrageous series. The two booze-soaked fashionistas have hit a dry spell with men…

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