From Zayn With Love: Harry Styles Latest Celeb Floated As Next James Bond


A man/boy whose hair once hypnotized Taylor Swift might be the next James Bond?? And no, it’s not Tom Hiddleston — That we could handle. Nope, it’s fucking Harry Styles. Before you storm the offices of Eon Productions, which produces the Bond films, you must know that this is all hearsay. There are not currently…

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’: The Queer Character That Never Happened

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Well, it happened. After 17 films and countless Captain/Bucky fan fictions, the Powers-That-Be at Marvel finally rolled out their first ever queer character — and it was nothing short of revolutionary. After a standard cold open of Tom Hiddleston eating out Idris Elba’s ass, Thor: Ragnarok spent no less than two hours following the tragic…

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Flashback Friday: When Idris Elba Played An Escort On ‘AbFab’

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We recently stumbled upon a verrrry young, already insanely handsome Idris Elba as a gigolo procured for Patsy on a particularly randy episode of Absolutely Fabulous from season 3, titled “Sex.” “Sex” is one of the best of episodes of the always outrageous series. The two booze-soaked fashionistas have hit a dry spell with men…

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