Thirsty Thursday: Claws Star Jack Kesy


The surprise summer hit of basic cable, TNT’s Claws has been renewed for a second season. Qu’est-que c’est Claws, say you? It doesn’t really matter. It has something to do with ghetto nails, the Dixie Mafia, strip clubs, Booty Bass, synchronized swimming interludes, Niecy Nash in a push-bra, and a whole lot of Forever 21 animal prints. Forget that the show plays like a syphilitic 19 year old’s technicolor fever dream. We at Flagrant love this hot mess of a guilty pleasure. Think Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers meets ‘90s comedy B*A*P*S (a kind of black Clueless featuring Halle Berry sporting a gold grill and some country-looking platinum blonde hairstyles).jackkesyinstaclawsduo

But our main reason for tuning in is to catch our weekly peeks of the always shirtless and often nude Jack Kesy as the downhome gangsta/hustla Roller. You may have previously seen Handsome Jack in the FX show The Strain or this summer’s stink-bomb big screen adaptation of Baywatch. He’ll also be featured in the upcoming Deadpool 2. But it’s as Roller that we love him best. It doesn’t hurt that we get to see a whole lot of his Grade A American Beef in various states of undress during all of his screen time. Or that we get to see his substantial booty thrusting into a few of the female characters as he engages in a bit of erotic asphyxia. This hulking mountain of a man are the things of which wet dreams are made. He is, quite honestly, the other white meat.

Don’t believe us? Take a gander at some of these pics and peep the hot same sex kiss at 0:31 from the queer indie film Morgan, as well as 1:13 from the Claws trailer below. Correct us if he doesn’t cause a stirring in your loins. Baby, the thirst is real.

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