When Timothee Met Frank: Chalamet, Ocean Bromance Blossoms

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Timothée Chalamet gained a definite advantage this week in the ongoing race with Ansel Elgort to become the most celebrated graduate of LaGuardia High school, a.k.a. the Fame school, when he participated in an adorable phone interview with out queer R&B artist Frank Ocean for V Magazine.

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After both artists acknowledged each other as “man” as a way to reinforce their bro-iness, Timothée immediately relinquished all coolness by confessing that he has allowed people to mispronounce his name since the day he was born. Apparently, his name is actually pronounced “Timo-tay,” which is coincidentally what his couple name will be when he inevitably dates Taylor Swift. But Timotay is too shy to correct anyone when they mispronounce his name, which is simultaneously both adorable and excruciatingly awkward. That’s like Jerry on Parks and Recreation, who let his coworkers call him by six different names over several different seasons before he finally admitted to them that his name was Garry.

Timotay and Fraynk also stroked each others’… egos and talked about their mutual love of fashion, but that wasn’t even the interesting part. Here are the highlights of the interview that WE liked:

  1.    We learned that one of Timotay’s favorite coffee shops in NYC is Mud, which this writer only remembers as the place he stared a woman down because she sniggered over how badly his Tinder date was going.
  2.    Timotay admitted that he’s a “skinny little shit” and that his next project involves him putting on 25 pounds. Honestly, he could go for a nice brow wax, too, but Fraynk probably didn’t want to ruin his beautiful first date with Timotay by mentioning that.
  3.    Call Me By Your Name was set in ’83 (instead of the novel’s setting of ’88) for a number of reasons. First, director Luca Guadagnino wanted to avoid the peak of the AIDS crisis so the film could be a little more “utopic.” Second, Guadagnino wanted to set the film in a decade that was part of his formative experience. (He told Timotay that the early ‘80s were when he “really began to hear music.”)
  4.    Timotay learned Italian, piano, and guitar for Call Me, but was already fluent in French and even felt more “grounded” acting in French. Also, he had a hangout sesh in which he listed to Sufjan Stevens with Guadagnino and Armie Hammer before he and Armie “held each other after.” Ugh, do they know how many queer men would have killed to be in that position? Now we have major FOMO. Thanks for that, Timotay.
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