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Trans Doctor Vows To Offer Free Surgery To Trans Military Personnel


The president’s decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military may not have taken effect, but heroes are already emerging to do their part if it ever should. Dr. Christine McGinn, a former Navy surgeon and herself a trans woman, has offered to perform gender-confirming surgeries at no cost to military service members.

Speaking with CNN,  McGinn said that any transgender service members scheduled for  under her care would be treated at no cost should the government refused to cover their medical expenses.

“If the commander-in-chief won’t take care of our veterans, our veterans will,” she said. “I will do surgery for free on the number of people that I have already lined up for surgery.”

She added that even a fifth-grader can see that Trump’s decision, which cited “tremendous cost” and “burden” as factors in his decision, is obviously based on discrimination.

“I think it’s being twisted and spun to make it seem like it would be more than it is,” she said. “I think the cost of getting rid of very well specialized, trained military service people is exponentially larger than just taking care of them.” She added that some of her patients are back at work within two weeks.

Watch McGinn’s interview below.

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