TransNation Film Fest To Feature Eclectic Programming, Cult Faves


Even as AG/POS Jeff Sessions attempts to take down trans Americans because — well, it’s unclear why — there’s still enough general joy and togetherness within the trans community to make beautiful things like the TransNation Film Festival happen.

Set for October 13 to October 15 at the Silent Movie Theater in West Hollywood (an ironic venue for a festival that celebrates not staying silent), TNFF will feature a slate of both cult hits and recent upstarts. Attendees can expect to see not only RuPaul’s hilariously low -fi Starbooty Trilogy, but also the recently released Netflix film, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. As Flagrant reported, Death and Life will explore the potential cover-up that went into the NYPD’s refusal to treat activist Marsha P. Johnson’s death in the early ’90s as a hate crime.

TNFF will also boast a tribute to the Cockettes, a legendary avant garde San Francisco theater troupe that was also queer AF. The tribute will feature photographs, an art exhibition, and three Cockettes-produced films: Tricia’s Wedding, Elevator Girls in Bondage, and Palace. Founding Cockette and photographer Fayette Hauser will also be at the festival.

Additionally, a special program titled “West African Spirit Worlds and the Non-binary Experience” will showcase two films that delve into African spirituality and gender fluidity: Bight of the Twin and Oya: Something Happened on the Way to West Africa.

TNFF will be hosted by Transparent co-producer Zackary Drucker.

Here’s a taste of RuPaul’s Starbooty:



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