Trolls Come For Fierce 9-Year-Old Drag Model Lactatia

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The alt-right is once again associating the art of drag with child abuse and pedophilia, somehow. After Brandon Hilton, owner of fashion company House of Mann, posted photos of 9-year-old drag queen Lactatia to social media in December, members of the far right stormed Twitter to accuse Mann of inflicting “child abuse” on Lactitia.

As you can see from her exquisite artistry and attention to detail with regards to her makeup, Lactatia has been absolutely FORCED to beat her face to the gods. Her mother clearly has been inflicting drag on Queen Lactatia ever since she was a baby, and threatens to not let her out of her hanging ceiling cage if she doesn’t smear on eye shadow every morning and keep the Instagram endorsements rolling in. Mama needs a new flat-screen.

Hilton, who is associated with “Drag Queen Story Hour” (which recently sent commentator Alex Jones into an uncontrollable rage), has received actual death threats over this alleged child abuse. He has even felt compelled to defend himself to HuffPo for some reason, as if anyone but alt right homophobic trolls is accusing him of pedophilia.

“We didn’t specify that Lactatia is only going to be modeling the onesie,” Hilton said to HuffPo, in reference to a onesie that Lactatia reportedly picked out for herself. “People took that as, ‘Because this picture is here, the next ones are going to be of her wearing something worse,’ and that isn’t the case. I thought that was very obvious and self-explanatory, but people didn’t get it.”

Hilton thinks some of the vitriol stems from the fact that his company, House of Mann, is in the business of selling lingerie and bondage uniforms. Again, why is he even defending himself?? Smart non-troll people who aren’t homophobic already know this isn’t a child abuse.

In fact, the real story here should be that it’s now a “thing” for nine-year-olds to be drag queens. Can you imagine if you had been allowed to be a drag queen when you were nine? You could have gotten out of gym class for the very valid reason of not wanting to smudge your makeup because it would disappoint your followers!

We can only hope that more grade school drag queens pop up across the country so that the trolls learn to shut up once and for all.


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