Trump’s Budget Proposal Guts HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment


Every week, Trump and his team of supervillains gather at their usual active volcano crater to discuss fresh ways to screw over queer people. This week, their brainstorming sesh wasn’t as productive as usual: All they managed to concoct was a plan to go after AIDS patients again.

To wit, Trump’s budget for the fiscal year of 2019 has proposed cutting millions of dollars to programs helping to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in the U.S. These reductions would reportedly cut $40 million from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s HIV/AIDS prevention programs, and $26 million from the government’s housing program for people living with AIDS.

Of course, the members of Congress won’t approve Trump’s budget if it includes these measures, since they don’t want to come off as caricatures of ‘80s villains. But Trump’s proposition is still throwing a bone to our country’s homophobes, and proving that he still hasn’t seen Philadelphia. (Probably because it didn’t include him in a cameo role.)

And considering over 1 million Americans were living with AIDS by the end of 2015, this is just further proof of Trump’s abject heartlessness. The worst part is he probably just wants the $40 million dollars to buy another all-gold toilet for his Trump Tower penthouse.

Graphic from the Los Angeles Times.

Dang. First, he came for our National Endowment for the Arts. Then, he came for our right to cakes. Then, he came for our access to medical care. Then, he came for our … access to medical care again?

Seriously, this administration needs to come up with some new ways to screw over queer people. Maybe if Paul Ryan didn’t keep derailing every brainstorming sesh to show off his new bicep, then these jokers would be able to bring some DRAMA to our lives. Like, why not send Lady Gaga to jail over a weed technicality? Or if they REALLY wanted to screw over the gays, they’d orchestrate a country-wide gym shutdown. That’ll show us.

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