Tyra Tirade Tattooed. Banks ‘Top Model’ Meltdown Memorialized In Ink


Adorable NYC actor-songwriter Marcus Underwood is an illustrated man. He is a walking tattoo museum, carefully curating unique ink art to cover his skin. He has 16 spectacular tats, many of them portraits like Princess Diana, Whoopi Goldberg and a glamour shot of his mother. Somewhere in the mix is a Poke Ball.

Everyone reading this will sigh at his latest commitment: On Marcus’s right calf is a drawing of Tyra Banks during an OTT deliberation on America’s Top Model. The moment is also famously captured in a popular gif with the caption “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU” (presumably all caps because Tyra was unhinged with fury), words immortalized on Marcus’s leg during the approximately five-hour tattoo job.

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This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, as Marcus considered the symbolic tattoo for three years. “At the root of it all, it’s a reminder for me to be on top of my shit,” he said. “Only you can ruin your opportunities in this life [and] I wanted to connect it to my love of pop culture.”

Marcus’s peeps are well aware of his “crazy ideas for tattoos.”

“All my friends and family have really loved it,” he said.

Us too.

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