Chile Could Be Next For Same Sex Marriage


On August 28, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet will introduce legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage in the South American country.  

President Bachelet had made a pledge at a United Nations event in 2016 to introduce marriage equality in 2017 and if passed, the bill would make Chile the sixth Latin American country where same-sex couples can be married, after Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

The fight for marriage equality in Chile intensified in 2012, when The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation filed a lawsuit for full gay marriage recognition, in the wake of the brutal murder of Daniel Zamudio. The 24-year old gay man was killed after being tortured and swastikas carved into his body. The country came together in a national outcry to demand laws protecting LGBTQ citizens, which resulted in implementation of the first anti-discrimination hate crime law in 2012 for the conservative Catholic country.

In 2015, Chile’s Chamber of Deputies approved gay civil unions by a vote of 86 to 23, which bodes well for the prospect of the upcoming vote.

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