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White Nationalist Poster Boy Explains How He Self-Identifies


There are countless well-researched studies that offer evidence into the connection between virulent homophobia and closeted gay men. In completely somewhat unrelated other news, Peter Cvjetanovic, the young  University of Nevada, Reno student, whose photo went viral over the weekend when he was photographed holding a Pier One tiki torch and shouting white nationalist slogans during the violent march in Charlottesburg, Virginia, was recently interviewed by KRNV News4 and it’ssss interesssting.

Our daddies taught us to never speculate on a person’s sexual orientation. “They’ll come out when they’re ready,” our daddies instructed. Still, our eardrums are deafened by all the bells and whistles we hear during Cvjetanovic’s claim that he’s not racist. He knows a lot of really ssssstupid whitesssss, too. There are good and smart black and Jewish (and presumably gay) people out there. He’s not a white ssssupremacissssst. So many s’s. Is it the subtle eye rolls? The whisper of a lisp? We’re not ones to speculate, but we won’t stop you from it.

Watch him try to express himself below.

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3 Responses to “White Nationalist Poster Boy Explains How He Self-Identifies”

  1. Raul Rules

    Oh honey. I bet he’s also wearing a high wasted slacks with a wide leg, slip-on loafers with a sharp with a squared toe and giant buckle front and center.
    It’s 2017 and you’re racial ideals are lost in time, get with the decades Nancy.