Winning! Trans Lotto Millionaire Won’t Share With Family That Disowned Her

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2018 is all about leaving behind your fake friends — and for Melissa Ede, that means her own children.

The 57-year-old Ede, who just won 4 million pounds in the British lottery, is not sharing any of her money with her four adult kids — and once you know the reason why, you’ll totally sympathize.

You see, when Ede transitioned about twelve years ago and changed her name from Les, all of her family (children and parents) disowned her and broke off contact with her. And while her parents have since died, her greedy kids are begging for money now that she’s won the lottery.  Pretty convenient that they’re ready to “accept” her once it means they can get a new car, no?

But Ede knows her kids well enough to know they’re only pretending to change their transphobic ways in order to get a spot of cash.

“I know we should all love our children unconditionally but they cut me out of their lives. They weren’t there during my hardest times and rejected me,” she said recently. “I still love them but I don’t want false love off them because I’ve got money now. The people who have stood by me through thick and thin — it’s payback time for them.”

In addition to helping out her friends and fans (she’s gained quite a following from her social media posts and videos), Ede plans to switch out her crappy Ford for a swanky Mercedes and splurge on a wedding to her girlfriend Rachel Nason. She also wants to move out of her room in her shared home and into a nicer pad.

Ede is also a master of suspense, and has been teasing her lotto win since January 1, when she tweeted out, “Tomorrow … I will prove the impossible is actually possible.”

Well, hopefully Ede sees this nice article that we wrote about her and sends a check over to Flagrant. We’ve only been her friend for about thirty minutes, but hey, we’re not faking it!


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