Rep Kennedy Invites Trans Soldier To State Of The Union Address


Joe Kennedy III — the Democratic daddy chosen to deliver the Democrats’ response to Trump’s State of the Union address today — is using his platform to make a statement of his own at the ceremony.

Kennedy, one of only two currently serving members of the legendary Kennedy family, will bring Army Staff Sft. Patricia King — a trans service member — as his guest to the event. King is known as the first transgender service member to have the government pay for her gender reassignment surgery while still serving.

Of course, the decision comes after Trump has repeatedly attacked America’s trans population — the most vulnerable, marginalized citizens of this country.

“I have served for almost 19 years. And all of a sudden, it is all hanging in the balance,” said King to the Boston Globe on Saturday about Trump’s ongoing attempts to ban transgender individuals from the military.

patricia king

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Patricia King

When asked why he had been chosen to deliver the Democrat response today, Kennedy III said, with classic Kennedy decorum, “I have no idea, but I’m thrilled and honored.”

Lies. He was chosen because of his luscious strawberry-blonde hair that is the perfect combination of curly and wavy. And also his jawline. And also because his last name still evokes a long-gone era, in which politicians still earned the respect of the American people and didn’t conduct their business from the toilet.

Could Kennedy be a Democratic contender for President? After all, putting a Kennedy in our country’s highest office wouldn’t be the worst idea that Democrats have ever had. He’d also be pretty to look at, and probably wouldn’t cheat at golf —even on golf courses that he owns. It would also provide newfound roads to wealth and fame for all those of us still hinging our life goals on marrying a Kennedy at some point. All together now: Oprah Who???

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