Meet Frances McDormand’s Oscar Thief: ‘U.N. Ambassador,’ Beyonce’s ‘Life Long Friend’


Frances McDormand’s Oscar win wasn’t her only brush with greatness Sunday night. She also had the honor of having her Oscar stolen by none other than Terry Bryant, a.k.a. D.J. Matari, a self-proclaimed producer, A&E editor, actor, TV host, A-List entertainment journalist, and UN ambassador.

While attending the Governor’s Ball, McDormand reported a missing Academy Award after noticing that hers had disappeared. It didn’t take long for folks to realize that the culprit was Matari, the producer of a limited release album called Greatness Is Living Inside of You. Shortly thereafter, Matari filmed a video of himself kissing McDormand’s Oscar and claiming he’d won it for music and producing.

Matari was quickly arrested and placed in jail with a bail set at $20,000 — and McDormand, of course, was reunited with her Oscar. But what we want to know is: Why had we never heard of the esteemed D.J. Matari before?? One quick peek at Matari’s Instagram page reveals that he has attended every major award show in existence and has even apparently won an EGOT! (For those out of the loop, that’s when you steal an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.)

Honestly, we could entertain ourselves for hours trying to guess which of Matari’s Instagram pictures with celebs are Photoshopped. See: his picture with his “lifelong friend” Beyonce, in which his arm seems to fuse with her breast.) Also note his close proximity to Kathy Griffin, Channing Tatum, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and many, many more. However, now that he’s been arrested, he probably won’t be allowed at awards shows anymore. Bummer! (And speaking of which, how DID he get into so many awards shows? Maybe his true calling is to teach a night school class in Santa Monica on “Famewhoring 101.”)

On the bright side, Matari is finally achieving the levels of fame and recognition that he has obsessed over for so long. Shortly after his identity was released by the media, over 100 people commented on one of his Instagram photos. That’s the most he’s ever gotten!

And while Matari still hasn’t revealed what country he’s a U.N. ambassador for, we assume the answer is something made up, like “Genovia.”

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