Anderson Cooper Is Not Having Professional Liar Sean Spicer


TV personalities like Stephen Colbert and James Corden might be willing to cut Sean Spicer some slack, but CNN host Anderson Cooper has not forgotten what this former Easter Bunny impersonator and hedge enthusiast did to our country.

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Coop came out immediately fighting dirty in his response to a recent clip of Spicer saying he didn’t “think” he had lied to the American People. Before introducing the clip, Coop said: “Much like a prairie dog on the grasslands separating the deep burrowed tunnels of fantasy from the clear light of reality, Sean Spicer popped up again today.” Dayum! That is a harsh hyperliterate metaphor right there, Cooper!

AC went on to excoriate Spicer’s insistence that he didn’t “knowingly” lie to America, saying:

“That answer is so Washington, D.C., it should have its own reflecting pool,” Cooper said. “Just a nice, calm place where you can sit down with your word salad and think about what you’ve done.”

And he didn’t stop there: He brought the receipts! Anderson was quick to recap all of the examples of Spicer’s inept, desperate, inarticulate professional gaslighting: His lie about Donald Trump, Jr. getting Russian dirt on Hillary, his lie about 3 to 5 million people voting illegally in the November election, his lie about the President getting the most electoral votes of any Republican since Reagan, and, of course, his infamous lie about the number of people who attended Trump’s inauguration.

He wrapped things up with another sick burn: “Sean Spicer doesn’t have to lie for a living anymore. Now he just seems to be doing it recreationally.”  

Oh, Anderson, this is why we love you. This takedown is so you: Barely restrained indignation mixed with highbrow sass and clever wordplay! Thank you for refusing to join the mass of people willing to let this directionless bottomfeeder off the hook. Spicer played a huge role in the Trump administration’s initial efforts to subjugate the American people, and he should never, ever be allowed to live that down.


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