Armie Hammer Shuts Down James Woods Over Homophobic Tweet

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Armie Hammer has expertly clapped back at actor James Woods for his homophobic tweet about Call Me By Your Name.

The queer-themed Call Me By Your Name has been building Oscar buzz ever since it drew rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival in January. Starring Hammer as a 24-year-old doctoral student who falls in love with a 17-year-old American, the film has been called “gorgeous” and “piercingly honest” by those lucky enough to have seen it. Still, that hasn’t stopped sparsely-employed 70-year-old actor James Woods from criticizing the age gap of the movie’s main characters:

Woods’ inclusion of the hashtag #NAMBLA is in reference to the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which advocates on behalf of “boy lovers” and adult men who date minors. But Hammer wasn’t here for that, and the Social Network star pointed out Woods’ stunning hypocrisy in just eleven words (plus some emphatic ellipses):
As it turns out, Woods, a former two-time Oscar nominee and on-screen villain, was 59 when he dated 19-year-old Ashley Madison, the daughter of one of his best friends. In 2013, he literally made headlines for dating a woman 40 years younger than himself. His penchant for dating younger woman puts him squarely in the camp of fellow LGBT-unfriendly men like President Donald Trump, who was 52 when he first met his current wife, then-28-year-old Melania Knauss.
Things took an even juicier/more lurid turn later in the day when Amber Tamblyn tweeted the following:
The possibly senile Woods previously soiled his own reputation when he tweeted a homophobic remark about Anderson Cooper’s infamous May 2017 eye roll at Kellyanne Conway. Needless to say, Woods is a vocal Trump supporter.
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