Queer Female Characters Lead The Charge At Toronto Film Fest


As Stefan might say, if you’re looking for a whimsical night out at the Toronto International Film Festival, we know just the films for you. TIFF’s hottest new trend is queer women.

In addition to Emma Stone doing her best “Emma Stone as Billie Jean King” in Battle of the Sexes, there’s everyone from Evan Rachel Wood to Regina George herself making appearances as queer female characters this year. I mean, we heard she did car commercials in Japan, but this is a whole ‘nother level. In Disobedience, Rachel McAdams teams up with Rachel Weisz in a movie about the succession of inheritance in an Orthodox Jewish family. If that sounds dull, don’t worry: McAdams and Weisz supposedly hook up at some point. As for Wood, she stars in A Worthy Companion as a lonely 30-something who harbors a runaway teenage girl in her home and falls in love with her.

Worthy Companion

Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone in “A Worthy Companion”

Kate Mara and Ellen Page also star in My Days of Mercy, a movie that IndieWire predicts will be Page’s first critically-acclaimed hit queer-themed movie. (While she has embraced queer cinema in the years since she came out, she hasn’t yet starred in something buzzy.)

As for queer men, they seem to be sticking to docs. An impressive list of luminaries including Hollywood power player Scotty Bowers and America’s Next Top Model‘s Andre Leon Talley are all getting the documentary treatment this year. Out filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer has directed the Bowers doc, while first-time filmmaker Kate Novack was hand-picked by Talley to helm The Gospel According to Andre.

professormarston thewonderwomen

Bella Heathcote, Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall in “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women”

We’re also not sleeping on Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which stars sort-of-out gay actor Luke Evans (a.k.a. Gaston in the live action Beauty and the Beast) as the kink-loving polyamorous inventor of the Wonder Woman comics.

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