Auntie Maxine Waters Slays HUD Dud Ben Carson


Rep. Maxine Waters of course scored some message points when slow brain Ben Carson—who is a physician and the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (appointed by former Republican debate rival slumlord Donald Trump)—testified before her committee earlier this week. Ms. Waters used her valuable time to highlight the horribly unethical tweets his boss recently issued regarding one of Trump’s many enemies, Puerto Rico, and asked the doctor if he agreed with the statements. When she pressed him about Trump “threatening to abandon” Puerto Rico, Carson unhurriedly and unwisely began to praise the U.S. island territory.

“I’m not talking about that!” the fierce Democrat insisted. “What I’m talking about is these tweets where the president threatened to abandon Puerto Rico recovery efforts. Do you agree that they should be abandoned, that Puerto Rico should be abandoned?”

Secretary Baby Huey once again dared to offer hollow words.

“Well first of all, as I was saying, Puerto Rico is a very important part of our culture…”

Eventually Auntie Maxine got him to disagree, on the record, with Trump, asking Carson if the people in Puerto Rican should be shamed for their own plight. Carson replied, “I don’t think it’s beneficial to go around shaming people in general.”

Waters wrapped up the exchange with, “Okay, so I’m glad to hear you don’t agree with the president.”

Please click this link and watch the video to marvel at Auntie Maxine’s wondrous power.


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