Barbie Shows Her Pride With ‘Love Wins’ Tees

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Barbie is serving her LGBTQ fans some stylishly supportive new tops. Romper posted the new, inclusive T-shirts as worn by Barbie on her own Barbie Style Instagram page.  The iconic doll and her brunch date, a miniature latex version of L.A.-based fashion blogger and designer Aimee Song, sport the cool new T’s.  

Song’s own line of Love Wins” T-shirts, were the inspiration for the new Barbie fashions. These equality loving tops are available on Song’s site, Song of Style, with half of the profits going to the LGBTQ youth outreach group Trevor Project.  The designer gushed about her collaboration with Mattel’s doll-faced diva saying she, “Still can’t believe I have my own Barbie!!”

The response on Barbie’s Instagram page has been “super positive,” with one fan suggesting that perhaps the plastic princess is coming out, humorously noting that you can’t spell Barbie without ‘Bi’.  The gay rumors may be as OTT as Barbie’s Dreamhouse, but Mattel has been known to play nice with the LGBTQ community, including the historic release of last year’s Abby Wambach doll, in honor of the lesbian soccer legend.  

While fashion-forward frocks are as inseparable to the blond plaything as is her metrosexual man-candy Ken, Barbie has always been a darling to the drag scene, especially after artist Mark Jonathan re-painted the Mattel empress as Drag Race contestants for his series “Drag RuPaints.”  

“Love Wins” Barbie is slaying it on Instagram and fun tots and fierce queens everywhere are feeling the love from the All-American ally.

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