Brutal Editor Notes Released From Right Wing Troll Milo’s Failed Bio

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Did any of you experience a sinking sensation recently, similar to that nauseating tug that you feel at the base of your stomach whenever you realize your life is in shambles and that you’re teetering on the edge of depression? That’s because Milo Yiannopoulos, the toxic leech with frosted tips who subsists entirely on attention, recently squeezed back out of the maws of Hell to plague our planet with more of his bullshit.

“Mr. Yiannopoulos,” as media outlets generously call him, has fired back at his former editor for his trenchant criticisms of Yiannopoulos’s rejected, and reportedly partially ghost-written, autobiography, Dangerous. But Mr. Yiannopoulos appears to be as delusional as ever, and is accusing his editor, Mitch Ivers, of rejecting his objectively terrible writing due to Ivers’s nefarious liberal agenda.

Troll power X 2! Milo with bestie Ann Coulter.

According to a devastating series of editor notes that were recently released in court documents after Yiannopoulos sued Simon & Schuster over “breach of contract,” Ivers called Yiannopoulos’s writing “ridiculously reductive” and “unfunny.” But Yiannopoulos quickly responded on social media:

“Mitchell Ivers, the liberal gay editor Simon & Schuster put in charge of neutering its edgier conservative authors, hates Republicans and thinks they are all virulent homophobes. He told me so himself,” Mr Yiannopoulos wrote.

You may recall that Simon & Schuster also rejected Yiannopoulos’s book because of footage which surfaced in February that showed the openly gay troll condoning pedophilia.

“Ivers said one thing in manuscript edits, but quite another when he was giggling and flirting with me …. I look forward to prevailing in court,” Yiannopoulos continued.

Cool. So Yiannopoulos is relying on the popular stereotype of queer men as simpering, predatory horndogs to manipulate the public’s perception of Ivers.

But that’s not even the juiciest part of this story.

If Simon & Schuster’s plan all along was to accept Yiannopoulos’s book just so they could trash it in a brutal, cathartic, scathing barrage of truth bombs that exposed Yiannopoulos as a putrid human being containing zero original thoughts, then it worked. Because here are some of Mitch Ivers’s best notes about Dangerous:

  • “Three unfunny jokes in a row. DELETE.”
  • “Ridiculously reductive.”
  • “I will not accept a manuscript that labels an entire class of people ‘mentally ill.'”
  • “DON’T use ‘lesbian’ as a slur!”
  • “You MUST ACKNOWLEDGE that this is EXACTLY what people accuse you and Breitbart of being: a new age of partisan propaganda masquerading as journalism.”
  • “This is definitely not the place for more of your narcissism.”
  • Throughout the book, your best points seem to be lost in a sea of self-aggrandizement and scattershot thinking.”
  • “Unclear, unfunny, delete.”

Yep. “Unclear, unfunny, delete.” That pretty much sums up how we feel about Milo Yiannopoulos as a person. Honestly, he couldn’t crawl back to Hell soon enough.

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