Pence Neighbors Troll Him With ‘Make America Gay Again’ Sign


If you’re weary and feeling sad, just know that there’s an unsung hero in Aspen who’ll be your bridge over the troubled Trump administration. According to the Aspen Times, Mike Pence and his wife, Karen “Mother” Sue, recently came across a “Make America Gay Again” sign in the driveway of their Aspen vacation home, courtesy of their heroic neighbors.

Or, at least, everyone is assuming it was their neighbors. Pence very well could have just put up the sign himself one night when he was sleepwalking and sleep-Grindring. But people are INSISTING it was the lesbian couple whose parents live in the neighboring home, so we’ll go with that story.

Reportedly, the sign appeared on a stone pillar that greets the Pences every time they pull up to the driveway, which means that the notoriously anti-gay Pence will now be forced to think about his life choices every time he comes back from giving dudes hand jobs in mountain-top jacuzzis, or whatever he does in Aspen when his wife is in her cage.

You may recall that Mike and Mother were also trolled a year ago when 200 protestors gathered outside their D.C. rental home to stage a “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.” The event caused one of Pence’s smug neighbors to wander outside with a glass of wine and revel in the irony, before spawning a thousand memes.

And similar to the weeks following that historical event, the Internet has now come together to rejoice in Pence’s fresh, G-rated discomfort.

“WELL DONE, ASPEN. WELL DONE,” wrote one Twitter user, while another called out exactly what made the prank great:

“Mike Pence’s neighbors in Aspen trolled him masterfully,” wrote Twitter user Adam Best. “It simultaneously mocks Pence/Trump and promotes a positive message. Well played.”

As long as Pence continues to be thwarted in his quest to exact full queer erasure, we’re satisfied.


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