Bugger Off! A ‘Straight Lives Matter’ Rally Is Happening In Australia

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(Editor’s Note: We had zero interest in seeing more pasty, angry-faced protestors this week so we’ve decided to use a pic from Priscilla to kick off this article.)

In anticipation of Australia’s postal vote on same-sex marriage equality, the anti-marriage-equality group Party of Freedom will hold a “Straight Lives Matter,” rally on September 23 in the Sydney gayborhood of Darlinghust. Yes, really.

As reported by Huffington Post, the Party of Freedom (for some) was started by Nick Folkes who is determined to limit freedom for gay couples by pushing for, “traditional Australian values, family values.”

The rally will be held one day before the deadline Australians have to register for the postal plebiscite vote, which many are calling a glorified $122 million opinion poll. Qualified voters will then have until November 7 to mail their votes in and results will be announced on November 25. However, these results will be non-binding. Politicians will be able to continue voting against marriage equality, no matter the outcome.  

Marriage equality proponents like out Olympic medalist Ian Thorpe and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Matrix trilogy actor Hugo Weaving are lending their celebrity to political ads. Also, putting their Aussie dollar behind equality are such corporations as Qantas, Airbnb, Marie Claire, Ben & Jerry’s and many more.  

A Melbourne-based political satire group, The Juice Media, has launched a humorous clip in support of marriage equality. Check it out, mate.

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