Captain Planet Joins The Fight For Marriage Equality Down Under

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With a single Facebook post, Captain Planet, the muscle-bound animated ‘90s superhero/eco-warrior, has come out in favor of a ‘Yes’ vote for same-sex marriage in Australia.  

The vote is scheduled for August 24, and the “yes” campaign is pulling out all the stops to bring equality to Australia. Captain Planet is the latest voice to call on everyone to register and vote for love, because “without heart there would be no Captain Planet.” The fearless fighter for love and nature is reminding his Australian fans that in this battle, “The power is yours!”Screen Shot at PM

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who is a member of the right-leaning Liberal Party stated, “we’re committed to every Australian having their say.” In fact, polls show that 62% of Australians already support marriage equality.

But the mail-in vote has proven to be highly contentious. Professor Paula Gerber, deputy director of the Castan Center for Human Rights Law at Monash University in Melbourne, stated regarding the vote, “Really, this plebiscite is no more than a glorified opinion poll – a 122-million-dollar opinion poll.” The nationwide postal voluntary vote has no precedent and many are calling for a boycott.

Just for laughs, here’s Don Cheadle in a nutty, profanity-laced Captain Planet riff from Funny Or Die.

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