Chelsea Manning Hits The Beach With Vogue And Annie Leibovitz


Chelsea Manning is profiled in the September issue of Vogue magazine! Resplendent in a red swimsuit with the beach as majestic backdrop, she beams and inspires in a Twitter-shared photo by Annie Leibovitz. About the image, Manning wrote, “Guess this is what freedom looks like.”

Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. After seven years in prison, President Barack Obama commuted her sentence and Manning was released in May 2017.

“My goal is to use these next six months to figure out where I want to go,” she told Vogue. “I have these values that I can connect with: responsibility, compassion. Those are really foundational for me. Do and say and be who you are because, no matter what happens, you are loved unconditionally. Unconditional love. It is OK to be who I am.”

Truly inspiring.

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