Scotland Is Having A Queer Moment


Scotland is serving some serious LGBT love this month with an acclaimed gay feature film, an official pardon and the first ever “Waacking and Voguing Festival” in the country famous for kilts, castles, gingers and stunning coastlines. Set in the north of England and Scotland, God’s Own Country has received critical acclaim and numerous festival…

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These Boys Want You To Come On, Vogue And Celebrate Madonna’s Big Day


Madonna is 59 today. Five. Nine. It makes a gay think. She’s been such an integral part of our lives for so long that we sometimes take her for granted. But even impressional boys have been looking to Her Madgesty for inspiration. For example, check out these two fierce Madonna wannabes below. This video of…

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Chelsea Manning Hits The Beach With Vogue And Annie Leibovitz


Chelsea Manning is profiled in the September issue of Vogue magazine! Resplendent in a red swimsuit with the beach as majestic backdrop, she beams and inspires in a Twitter-shared photo by Annie Leibovitz. About the image, Manning wrote, “Guess this is what freedom looks like.” Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was sentenced to 35…

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