Chris Weaver Drags ‘The Voice,’ Destroys Conservatives

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Queens get the best revenge, and Chris Weaver’s appearance on Tuesday’s live finale of The Voice was no exception. Weaver, who was eliminated earlier in Season 13 of the singing competition, returned in his true form – as drag queen Nedra Belle – and his electrifying appearance showed audiences what they had been missing this whole time. Unfortunately, Belle’s rendition of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang,” which featured appearances from drag band Stephanie’s Child, Jessie J herself and hunky back-up dancers, drew instant criticism from homophobes across the country.

“You just lost a loyal viewer with your show,” tweeted one disgruntled couch potato named Susan Reed. “I don’t need to see drag performers on what used to be a family show.”

Last time we checked, the performance didn’t feature anything “un-family.” No children were sacrificed at any point. There was just a bunch of drag queens singing and twirling. (Also, Susan Reed might not be aware that drag queens read to children in public libraries now, and that there have been no known reports of any children being eaten or converted … yet.)

In fact, the only unfriendly thing that happened during the performance was the bum high note that one of the Stephanie’s Child singers hit. (By the way, don’t you love their name? Like Destiny’s Child but quotidian?)

Alas, the complaints kept coming in on Twitter, despite The Voice’s defiant tweet from their own official account: “YASSS KWEEN! We’ve never seen The Voice stage like that before and all we can say is WE WANT MORE.”

At one point, an angry viewer tried to directly appeal to known homophobe Blake Shelton:

“@blakeshelton #TheVoice last night was horrible ! I can’t believe USA has let Drag Queens perform ! Blake the Voice has gone to Hell.”

While we never actually saw Shelton’s reaction to the performance (the only judge we didn’t see), we can probably guess that he was either hiding his face in his hands or staring blankly at the drag queens in muted horror. Either way, we feel extremely deprived.

Check out the performance below.


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