Cynthia Nixon Announces NY Governor Bid, Bashed As ‘Unqualified Lesbian’

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She may not have been able to fix Carrie Bradshaw’s love life as Miranda Hobbes, but she’s confident she can fix the state of New York. Cynthia Nixon — is running for Governor of New York.

Nixon, a brilliant, eloquent, and talented actor and orator, was bashed today by openly gay former City Council Speaker, and former mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn who said in an interview with the New York Post, “It’s a flight of fancy on her part. Cynthia Nixon was opposed to having a qualified lesbian become mayor of New York City. Now she wants to be an unqualified lesbian to be the governor of New York. You have to be qualified and have experience. She isn’t qualified to be the governor.” 

Nixon announced her candidacy Monday along with the following statement:

“I’ve never lived anywhere else, but something has to change. We want our government to work again, on health care, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway. We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us. It can’t just be business as usual anymore.”

YASSSS, someone is finally fixing the NYC subway! If this doesn’t immediately strike joy into the hearts of New Yorkers, then it will at least strike joy into the hearts of their West Coast friends, who are tired of scrolling through their Twitter feeds and seeing 5,000 complaints about the A Train.

The fact that Nixon is openly gay is a pretty BFD, considering the country’s first openly queer governor wasn’t elected to office until November 2016. (At the time, the news was overshadowed by one Donald J. Trump.)

Nixon, who will oppose incumbent Andrew Cuomo, is assembling an all-star cast of New York political elite for her campaign team, including Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers — who both worked on current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first campaign. She will also hopefully include a campaign promise to make participation in Pride Month 100% mandatory for all homophobes statewide.

If you’re still not sold as Nixon (no relation) as Gov’nah, just check out her January op-ed for CNN: “If we’ve learned anything during this first year of the Trump presidency, it’s that the cavalry isn’t coming to save us. We ourselves are the cavalry. In 2018, each one of us has to do whatever we can to take the government back. If we want change, we have to go out ourselves and seize it.”


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