From Disney Channel To Land Of Make Believe, Sunshine Joins Trump Press Team


President Trump still hasn’t filled 350 key positions in his administration, but we can stop worrying about that now. Trump just appointed a former Disney Channel star named Caroline Sunshine to be his White House press assistant, so it sounds like things are under control.

Sunshine, 22, is best known for playing opposite Greatest Showman star Zendaya in the Disney series Shake It Up, which is about teenage backup dancers. Now, she has taken the logical next career step of becoming a crucial liaison for the third most populous country in the world.

We also assume that Trump hired Sunshine so that all the sexist dudes in the White House can now call a woman “Sunshine” without it being considered “old-fashioned” and “reductive.” (“If we can’t grab their boobs at breakfast, then we should at least be able to compliment them!” – 45.)

Sunshine was apparently named to the new job after completing a White House internship, which she landed through an application on the White House website. Honestly, this is the most shocking part of the story so far — that the White House actually chooses its interns through an application process, and not just from picking random names out of the phone book.

But we’re not giving Sunshine enough credit. The pretty Republican actress has a long history of political activity, as evidenced by this Instagram post about how she voted once.

So there you have it: All you need to do to get a job with the Trump administration is to be: (a) some sort of TV star, and (b) in the ballpark of resembling Ivanka  © alive. We’re now awaiting the day when Trump replaces current Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar with McDreamy, and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson with Gil Thorpe, Phil’s real estate rival on Modern Family.

Because you’re dying to know…

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