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Don Lemon Is Getting A Prestigious Award For Shutting Down Trump Surrogates


If you’ve been watching Don Lemon (and if you haven’t, you should be), you already know that he does not suffer fools. The out CNN anchor doesn’t hesitate to call b.s. when hosting a panel and one of 45’s surrogates pivots or tells an outright fib, which could easily become a round-the-clock job. Now Lemon’s hard work has paid off with media watchdog group GLAAD honoring him tomorrow night with the Davidson/Valentini Award, which is “presented to an LGBTQ media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community.” Lemon is certainly deserving.

“Don Lemon’s honest reporting has been a beacon of clarity in the increasingly muddled world of today’s news media,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO. “He is never afraid to expose the truth and speaks his mind in a way that not only raises the bar for other news anchors, but showcases his heart and his passion for all Americans.”

Watch a few of Lemon’s greatest hits below.

Lemon was as appalled as the rest of us when Trump pardoned racist sheriff Joe Arpaio.

He called out 45 for criticizing his coverage.

He’s stopped lies being spread about DACA.

He didn’t hold back when disgusted by the president’s response to the deadly Charlottesville rally.



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