Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up: Warhol’s Dishy ‘Interview’ Magazine Folds

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Interview, the almost 50-year-old magazine co-founded by Andy Warhol, has had its last word. Staffers at the art publication expressed their shock and dismay Monday morning when they received news of the mag’s folding.

Often called “The Crystal Ball of Pop,” Interview had been embroiled in capital D Drama ever since its former editorial Fabien Baron sued the pub for $600,000 earlier in May, claiming that his former employer stiffed him on invoices. So if you need someone to blame for the famous and beloved magazine going under, then blame Baron!! Well, and also the many other people to whom Interview owed money, including former associate publisher Jane Katz, former stylist Ludivine Poiblanc, and former Interview president Dan Ragone. We’d ask if anyone competent was running this magazine’s Payroll Department, but they were probably owed thousands of dollars too.

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On top of all that, Interview’s creative director Karl Temper was recently accused of “overstepping the professional line” by three women. It was perhaps the final staple in the magazine’s coffin.

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Described as “dishy but serious,” Interview gained a reputation upon its founding for its unedited articles that mimicked the style of Andy Warhol’s own books. This style continued into the magazine’s later (and, we now know, final) years, spawning such buzzy colalbs as trans activist Janet Mock’s interview with Kim Kardashian and a chat with the choreographer of Donald Glover’s “This Is America.” There were also a lot of super cool Madonna covers in the ‘80s.

Other notable Interdudes included Truman Freaking Capote, who was among the magazine’s earliest contributors. Interview also included a popular feature “Q & Andy,” which was a list of 15 questions devised by Warhol that celeb contributors filled out. Since the questions never changed, Interview was able to publish Q & Andys with Warhol’s byline long after the icon’s death.

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Most recently, Q & Andy interviewed The Room director Tommy Wiseau, thus blessing us with this answer to “What do you think about love?”

“Love is very complex. If a lot of people love each other, the world will be a better place to live. Actually, that’s a sentence from my script.”

Ugh, so we’re never going to get another gem like that again?? You’re tearing us apart, Interview!

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