‘Glee,’ ‘Feud’ Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Signs $300M Netflix Deal, Owns Everything


Proving he’s Hollywood’s most fickle bitch, Ryan Murphy just broke up with 21st Century Fox on the day before Valentine’s Day.

It’s the sort of move you’d expect from an alpha gay who prioritizes Soul Cycle over calling his aging parents — not from Murphy — but we suppose it was a long time coming. Murphy had been with 21st Century Fox for most of his career, and it was just time to move on. Plus, Murphy’s new boyfriend is giving him $300 million.

Namely, Murphy’s new boyfriend is going to be the young, dumb, and full-of-Cloverfield Netflix — who happens to be the perfect blend of rich and mysterious. In recent years, Netflix has proven itself to be inexplicably wealthy by greenlighting literally hundreds of historically expensive new shows (while still somehow cancelling Sense8 for “money reasons.”) But it has also retained an air of mystery thanks to its refusal to release any actual ratings for its shows. It’s a potent combination of personality traits for a horny gay man in a mid-life crisis.

But surely, Murphy must know this is a trap. Our booming economy is starting to falter (thanks to You Know Who), and Netflix can’t possibly sustain its business model for much longer — especially with its terrible marketing strategy. The service is releasing original content at such a frightening rate that it barely has time to drum up any hype for its flagship properties. For example, hardly anyone is talking about Altered Carbon anymore, despite the show being rumored as one of the most expensive of all time. Instead, the service is just rapidly replacing Carbon with an all-new set of original movies and shows of varying mediocrity.

On the bright side, Murphy’s five-year deal is sure to produce a startling amount of content. He’ll also probably still get viewers thanks to the name recognition he’s built while creating his most popular content over at 20th Century Fox. (See: Glee, American Horror Story.) Thus, it probably won’t even matter that Netflix will half-ass all of its marketing for him. But you can bet that they’ll crow about the upcoming Ben Platt vehicle The Politician being a hit, while simultaneously agreeing to never let the show’s numbers see the light of day.

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