10-Year-Old ‘Drag Slayer’ Desmond Is Amazing Owns NYFW Catwalk


It’s about time, Amerikweens. Desmond Napoles, a.k.a. Desmond is Amazing, just made his official catwalk debut at a Gypsy Sport show as part of New York Fashion Week.

Rocking an Elizabethan collar, long polka-dot Dynasty nails, and his hair frosted and slicked down across his forehead, the ten-year-old Desmond looked something like if Eleven from Stranger Things got a makeover from St. Vincent.

Gypsy Sport is no stranger to championing inclusivity among its models and clothing, having included both pregnant women and trans activists in its lineups.

And Desmond, of course, is no stranger to being a cutting-edge trendsetter.

In addition to being the most successful “drag kid” of the new millennium, he is a professed LGBTQ+ activist with his own drag house who has coined the word “kinderdrag” and the phrase “drag slayer.” We assume the latter is a subversion of the “dragon slayer” trope, and that Desmond secretly fancies himself to be the Daenerys Targaryen, a.k.a. Mother of Dragons, of the drag community. ‘Cuz Shangela sure isn’t.

Oh, and did we mention Desmond has also founded the first “drag club” for “drag kids?” What were you doing when you were ten? Oh wait, we already made that point the last time we wrote about Desmond. But seriously, he keeps making us question all our life choices!

Anyway, we hope Desmond keeps rocking runways well into his twenties, at which point he will no doubt make a successful switch to acting and gets his own TV show.

And if you’d like to become a true Desmond fan, or “Amazie” as Desmond calls them, (seriously, this kid is coining so many words that he’s basically the Cardi B of drag), might we suggest following his Insta. He’s equal parts inspirational and visionary, and as RuPaul said recently at DragCon, he is nothing short of “the future of America.”

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